This week's poem was written in dedication to Brother Butch, a fine writer and mythic man who celebrated his 46th Birthday last week.  The text was composed on a fire engine-red, IBM Selectric II and in its Courier 12-point font.  

2031, my sixth full-length collection of poetry and prose will be out this December through Yellow Lark Press.  Please visit for more information.  Also, I am thrilled to announce that Yellow Lark Press will be releasing No Comebacks this year.  Over forty poetic meditations on the champions of American boxing—working class fighters, dancers and jabbers, griots, gamblers, grifters and warriors all.  A wonderful collection from the brilliant poet Will Stenberg, No Comebacks is a human tapestry embroidered in blood and stitched with sweat.  Step into the ring with No Comebacks this year, through Yellow Lark Press.