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the Gods may know the pain we feel
never being able to reach the top 
of Olympus—
but time is cruel, even to the Gods,
enough to bring
the mountain down

-BYZANTINE LIGHT from the Sybil Journal

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the haves will have more
the have-nots lives only
oblivion’s purchase

-SERVING THE RICH DINNER from the Sybil Journal

Good Subscriber 

I am happy to offer you 2 poems this week, both previously unpublished and featured in San Marcos’ The Sybil Journal.  Also  excited to announce I will be speaking and reading at the release of Justin Arnold’s A Dog Outside at Night in a Fight, at The Buzzmill on May 26.  Thank you for subscribing and reading every week.  Means the world to me.  More exciting news, and poems, to come.  

In aeternum, 

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