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growth is violent
and the sun burns
some people aren’t nice
and the world runs
on money and greed
if you have a complaint
take it to the boss
or go marching in the street
don’t complain to me
I left the party
a long time ago
and retired to this room
where I put my complaint into the work
I prefer quiet afternoons typing
over any crusade any where
I don’t believe in causes
and these pages aren’t flags
I’m not trying to change the world
and I don’t want to leave a mark
this typing, up here, has been
finding for refuge
far off the grid
from the rally and complaint
of the world

Good Subscriber

I am happy to announce that 2031, my 6th full-length collection of poetry and prose will be released this December through Yellow Lark Press and that Yellow Lark Press will be opening its doors to release great works from two additional authors this year.  

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