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I’m not sure that what flared

was regulation or if anyone

was on shift or firewatch

or if that ghost-plume after it

was noxious and deadly

but I caught something so violent, 

so malevolent, so

unbelievably man-made

it was like the earth and her blue night


it was from the bridge—it jumped

up and wracked the view

a belching yellow tinged with

an angry red

and worst of all

the silence after

reaching in all directions like

a dragon, deathly, slow & sure

the office was dark

those granite colored shacks

like husks against

the coke-still sky

cars kept coming up and over

and so, did I, like I’d done

so many times—

climbed that bridge with the city

giving rise

and then falling back as I’d

continue to ride,

knowing death, desolation,

the industrial skyline, not knowing

anything about how the young idea

could ever survive.

This symbolic poem was featured in Shark Reef Literary Magazine before appearing in Love&wages, my fifth full-length collection of poetry and prose and out now though Yellow Lark Press.  

Screen Shot 2019-06-24 at 3.11.51 PM.png

I am thrilled to announce that Yellow Lark Press will be releasing No Comebacks this year.  Over forty poetic meditations on the champions of American boxing—working class fighters, dancers and jabbers, griots, gamblers and grifters and warriors all.  A wonderful collection from the brilliant poet Will StenbergNo Comebacks is a human tapestry embroidered in blood and stitched with sweat.  Step into the ring with No Comebacks this year, through 

Yellow Lark Press.  

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